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Product Information

  1. It conserves the vital power and strengthens the sexual ability through replenishing the kidney
  2. Increases sperm count and improves its motility rate
  3. Boosts libido and enhances the oxygen content in the blood which helps in penis erection for active sexual performance
  4. Suitable for Men who experiences sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation and poor erection.

Each capsule contains:

Ashwagandha Ext (withania Somnifera) 40mg

Kapikachu Ext (Mucuna Prurita) 25mg

Shatavari Ext (Asparagus racemosus)   40mg

Lata Kasturi Ext (Hibiscus ablemoschus 20mg

Shilajit Ext (Aspartum Punjabinum) 10mg

Swet Mushali Ext (Asparagus adsendens) 20mg,

Amalaki Basayan 60mg

Jayphala Powder (Myristica Fragrance)  5mg

Gokshura Ext (Tribulus terrestris)  25mg

Sarpagandha Ext (Rauwolfia Sepantina)  50mg,

Paneer Ext (withania Coagulans)  40mg,

Ashwagandha Powder (Emblica Officinalis) 220mg

Amalaki Powder (Emblica Officinalis) 80mg

Trivang Bhasma 30mg

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