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Pro Female supplement is an Ayurvedic combination of natural herbs.

  • It gets rid of ovarian cyst & all forms of infections (STD) in the body & boost the immune system
  • It detoxifies & cleanses the fallopian tubes & makes you very fertile thereby increases your chances to conceive
  • It Prevents heavy periods, bleeding, cramping & clothing
  • It Eliminates the pain & bloatedness associated with uterine fibroid
  • It eliminates all sizes & types of fibroid, by shrinking & dissolving it naturally.
  • It helps in the correction of irregular mensuration associated with hormonal imbalance.
  • Guduchi ext (Tinospera Cordifolia)190mg
  • Gokshur ext (Tribulus Terrestria) 40mg
  • Atast Powder (Linum Usitatissium) 25mg
  • Kalmegena Powder (Andrographis Particulata)15mg
  • Yastimachu ext (Glucyrrha Globra) 55mg
  • Haldi Powder (Curcuma Longal) 25mg
  • Amalak powder(Emblica officinalis)15mg
  • Ashwagandha powder(withania somnifera)30mg
  • Salai gaggul ext 45mg
  • Kentakan ext 60
  • Excipients 0s